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Reading XML Documentation


In my current project, I created a Automation testing solution using Unit Test Framework (UTF) .For retreving XML documentation from method (which contains what is purpose of method and what are parameters name and type ) .Following is code to access the string under XML documentation:

static void SUMIReadClassmethod(Args _args)

       SysDictClass dct;
        str Source ;
        Object objMethod;
        DictMethod dm;
        container conLines;
        TextBuffer textBuffer = new TextBuffer();
        Set dictClassMethodSet ;
        SetEnumerator enum;
        SysDictMethod dictMethod;
        FreeText ft
        dct = new SysDictClass(ClassName2id(classnode.AOTname()));
        dictClassMethodSet = dct.methods(true, true, true);
        dictClassMethodSet.add(new SysDictMethod(UtilElementType::ClassInstanceMethod,  ClassName2id  (classnode.AOTname()), #MethodNameClassDeclaration));
        enum = dictClassMethodSet.getEnumerator();
        textbuffer = null;
        textBuffer = new TextBuffer();
        while (enum.moveNext())
            dictMethod = enum.current();


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