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Enterprise Portal deployment -Steps

While working on my current implementation project , I had to move all changes to web  controls,Proxies from our current Web server which runs on Win 2003 to a new Web server running on Win 2008 R2.


In this case both the web servers are using the same AOS server so this is just a web server upgrade. In other cases steps for deployment of Page definitions using “Deploy page” option will remain the same.


1. Go to AOT—>Web–>Web Menu Items –> URLs for all the URLs which need to be moved from the  current server . This step will create a Page Definition for that URL under AOT–>Web –> Web Files –> Page Definitions. The name of Page will be same as Web Part page created in SharePoint .

2. Make sure the “Site called by Application Object Tree for web development” under Administration –>Setup–>Enterprise Portal–>Websites  should be set to current server i.e. old server.

3. Right click on each URL in Step 1 and select “Import ” option. AX should .The message “The   MyASPPage.aspx was successfully imported should be displayed”.

4. Log on to new Web Server.

5. Make sure the “Site called by Application Object Tree for web development” under Administration –>Set up–>Enterprise Portal–>Websites  should now be set to new web server .

6 .Right click  on Page Definition created in Step 1 and select  “Deploy Page”  option .
A  message “The MyASPPage.aspx Page was successfully deployed” should be displayed.

Of course if your user control require Proxies , then you have to generate Proxies in order to successfully build your user controls.

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