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EP Role Center installation issue

While installing EP on Ax2009 on for environment hosted on Windows 2008 (64-Bit) server, I faced a issue while running the AX Set up Wizard for “EP Role centre and Enterprise Portal “ and option  “Create a website” and “Configure for Windows SharePoint services”. The Role center installation was completed with warnings .When I looked at the Installation Log file and found two messages:

  1. Administration Web Service URL: http://[My server]/_layouts/ep/WSSAdmin.asmx
        Error: Application Server Administration job failed for service instance  
  2.          (ead9cdf8-0de6-4358-ad61-f6d3240b652b).        
            Reason: Access is denied.

         2. File or arguments not valid for site template ‘AXSITEDEF#
    The Application Server Administration job error is misleading because creation of SharePoint site is failing because of the 2nd message. Since we are using language “EN-GB” in the license file which is different from “EN-US” which is supported, resolution is to install the following Hotfix  and running the AX-Set-Up wizard again.
    Enterprise Portal Web site if the language within the license key is other than EN-US
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